Requesting Your I-20

This article explains how to request the I-20 required for your visa application and interview. We will explain what documents you need to submit and how to fill them out correctly. Remember, we can not issue your immigration documents until after you have been admitted.

What documents do I Need?

You will need to provide several documents to us. We will need the following:

  1. Scan of your valid passport;

  2. Proof of financial support following the requirements listed at Required Funding for Student Visa Sponsorship;

  3. A scan of your admission letter.

What type of visa do I need?

We issue sponsorship documents for two different visas at the University of Tennessee (UT). Almost all of our students use the F-1 (student) visa. There a few situations where a J-1 exchange visitor visa may be necessary. If you think that you need a J-1 exchange visitor visa, please contact us at

Important, the following instructions are only for students needing an F-1 visa.

What type of I-20 do I need?

There are three different ways to get a from I-20. It is important that you choose the correct option for your situation.

Initial I-20

This is a new form I-20 issued for you. This is the correct option if you do not have an active I-20 at another institution in the U.S.

Transfer I-20

This is where your current school transfers your I-20 to UT. This is the correct option if you are currently on Optional Practical Training (OPT) or if you have just graduated from another school.

Change of Status I-20

This option is used if you enter the U.S. in a different status (for example F-2), and you now want to change your status to F-1. This is not an easy process, and we require that you complete a consultation with us before we will issue the form I-20 for a change of status case. You can book a consultation with us at .

How to Complete the Immigration Document Request Form

Once we review your admission, you are automatically added to the correct checklist for your type of admission. In order to issue you the form I-20, we need you to confirm several pieces of information and submit the necessary documents to us.

Step One: Log into iVols and begin the Immigration Document Request

Log into your iVols account. You can find instructions on how to do this here.

From your iVols homepage select the In Progress checklist assigned to you.

Click the Immigration Document Request to begin the form.

Step Two: Select the type of I-20 you need.

Select what type of I-20 you are requesting. If you need an F-1 Initial I-20 skip to Step Three.

If you are transferring an I-20, select F-1 Transfer and enter the requested information. REMEMBER, you must work with the International Office at your current school in order to transfer the I-20 to us. We cannot do that for you.

If you are requesting a Change of Status I-20, you will need to make an appointment with us before we will issue the I-20.

Step Three: Upload a scan of your admission letter.

Once you have selected the type of I-20 you want, please upload a scan of your University of Tennessee admission letter.

Step Four: Upload your passport and biographical information.

Upload a scan of your passport. Then, enter your country of birth, city of birth, your phone number, and your address in your home country.

Step Five: Enter your current U.S. address (if you have one).

If you have a current U.S. address, enter the address in this section. Note, most students requesting an initial I-20 will not have a U.S. address.

Step Six: Provide information for any dependent I-20s (if you need any).

If you have a spouse or children who will be joining you, please complete a request for each additional dependent. You will need a scan of each dependent’s passport. Note, each dependent will increase the required funding for visa sponsorship. You can find the current amount required per dependent at

For each dependent, upload a scan of their passport, enter their name, date of birth, gender, country of birth, and city of birth. This must be done for each dependent.

Step Seven: Submit proof of funding for visa sponsorship.

The final part of the process is to upload proof of your funding for visa sponsorship. The total can differ from program to program, but the base funding requirements are available at All documentation must meet the following requirements:

  1. The documents must be written in English or include an official translation;

  2. the name of the account holder, the currency, the account balance, and the type of account must be clearly stated;

  3. all assets must be liquid, meaning that the funding could be withdrawn immediately;

  4. the statement cannot be dated more than six months in the past.

Note, you can show proof of funding from multiple sources.

If you are showing proof of funding based on accounts in your name, select that option and upload a bank statement showing the support.

If your parent or legal guardian is providing support, select that option and upload a statement of account and a signed Affidavit of Support.

If you are receiving funding from a University of Tennessee assistantship or scholarship. select this option and upload the award letter.

If you are receiving funding from an international scholarship, government, or sponsoring agency, upload a scan if the financial guarantee.

Step Eight: Read the attestation and submit the form.

The final step is to read and acknowledge the attestation of accuracy and submit the form. Important, misrepresenting or submitting inaccurate or fraudulent financial documents can cause a loss of immigration status or rescission of admission.