Applying for Curricular Practical Training (CPT)

Overview of CPT

CPT allows you to participate in required internships or integral experiential learning as part of your degree program. These experiences can be paid or unpaid.

Step One: Meet with Your Academic or Faculty Advisor

Ensuring that your CPT opportunity meets the requirements of your program is a critical part of the process. Discuss the opportunity with your advisor and make sure that all of the details are clear and that your advisor supports your participation before beginning the next steps. If your advisor needs additional information, you can refer them to our page

Step Two: Complete the Required Training on Canvas

We require that all students complete a short training on your CPT responsibilities. You can enroll in and complete this training at

Complete the course and download the certificate of completion.

Step Three: Complete the Curricular Practical Training E-Form

Log into your iVols portal following the instructions here. Select the Curricular Practical Training Request form from the F-1 Student Services section.

Select either “Initial CPT” for a new experience, or “Extension of current CPT” for renewal of an existing approval.

Indicate if you have completed the CPT Seminar in Canvas and add the employment start and end date, job title, and number of hours per week of the CPT opportunity.

Enter the employer name and address.

Enter your supervisor’s name, phone number, and email. We will also need a statement from you explaining how this practical experience relates to your field of study. This only needs to be 2-3 sentences long, but it will be submitted directly to the Department of Homeland Security (DHS). It is important that your statement is clear and accurate. We also need a copy of your job offer letter uploaded. If your employer has questions regarding what is required, you can refer them to the page We also need you to indicate if you are currently employed by the University of Tennessee or if the CPT opportunity will be offered by UT.

Enter your faculty or academic advisor’s department, name, and email address. The form will automatically route to them for additional approval.

Read and affirm that you understand each of the requirements for participation in CPT. Then, select submit.

Step Three: Receive the Updated I-20 with CPT Approval

After receiving confirmation of approval from your faculty or academic advisor, ISSS will issue you an updated I-20 that includes CPT authorization on the second page. You will receive the I-20 by email. Print it out in color and sign in blue ink. The I-20 authorization will show the name of the employer your are approved for and the dates you have been approved for. IMPORTANT, you cannot engage in work outside of the dates on your I-20 approval.

Step Four: Complete the Approved CPT Opportunity

After receiving CPT approval on your form I-20, you may begin your CPT experience. While participating in your experience, you must:

  1. work only during the dates listed;

  2. only work for the employer listed;

  3. report any changes in your program to ISSS;

  4. maintain enrollment in the courses attached to the CPT experience.